Delaware Valley Marathi Mitra Mandal

जपू वारसा मराठी संस्कृतीचा,परंपरेचा,बंधुत्वाचा

Welcome to DVMMM, a non-profit organization that has been weaving the vibrant tapestry of Marathi culture since its inception in 2002, nestled in the heart of Delaware Valley. Our primary mission is to unite Marathi-speaking communities across the Delaware region, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. Through a plethora of cultural initiatives, we provide a platform for individuals to delve into the rich heritage of Maharashtra, allowing them to learn, celebrate, and cherish our diverse traditions. 

At DVMMM, we are committed to ensuring that the younger generation stays connected with their Marathi roots, creating an intergenerational bridge that transcends geographical boundaries. Join us in preserving and promoting the essence of Marathi culture, as we welcome participants from Delaware, Southeast Pennsylvania, Maryland and South New Jersey.

Immerse yourself in upcoming events at DVMMM, where Marathi traditions come alive, fostering community and celebration for all!

Embark on a journey of cultural enrichment and community spirit – join DVMMM today to become an integral part of our Marathi-speaking family!

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